Amazing Unique Products Inc.

Innovative Product Development.

Amazing Unique Products Inc. is a small business whose focus is to not only invent amazing new products and services but to reinvent old ones. We began work with AUPI in 2017, creating a simple one-page website.

Content Redefined

AUPI came to us with a particular budget and time constraint in mind. We created a simple one page and completed it within two days. The one-page layout contained a logo, promotional video, an e-mail form, and marketing material. This project was completed within the provided time constraints and allotted budget.


For this project, the front end was built using HTML, CSS, and JS in conjunction with PHP allowing the form to function. We were able to use a variety of JS scripts that allowed us to hide certain images behind buttons to keep the page simple and clean.

Working Relationship

Upon completion of AUPI's website, we continue to build a relationship with them while watching them grow. Together, we are working on a plan for a full website and online store launch. We will continue to collaborate with them and assist in any web-based projects.