Ontario Property Management Group

Property management for the region of Ontario.

Ontario Property Management Group Inc. is a Canadian owned small business which focuses on providing management services to social housing, private landlords, co-operative and non-profit housing communities. We began working with OPMG in 2012 with updating sections of their website, to doing a complete redesign in 2016.

The Complete Revamp

We worked closely with OPMG's marketing team to give the website a complete facelift. For the redesign, we used a responsive, bootstrap-based framework on which the website could be properly imagined. We created a simple layout incorporating all of their new marketing material into their website and ensuring it was easy to use and maintained a fresh and updated look. This project was completed ahead of time constraints and within the allotted budget.


For this project, the front end was built using HTML, CSS, and JS in conjunction with Spring boot on the backend. Spring boot was used for two objectives in this project. To create error resistant forms, we used thymeleaf as a template engine as it renders content on the server and delivers it to the client.

Working Relationship

Upon completion of OPMG's website, we continue to build a relationship with them through the hosting and administration of their website. We also continue to deliver frequent content updates and work with them to assist in web driven marketing and social marketing campaigns.