Supreme Simplified

Supreme Simplified

A checkout tool created to buy Supreme clothing


Supreme Simplified aims to build the most advanced and afordable checkout tool for Supreme clothing.

Built from Scratch

We worked closely with Supreme Simplified to develop a website completely from scratch. This allowed full customization by them for their content and design.

Frontend Design

The front-end is designed using a combination of Bootstrap and a custom stylesheet, allowing us to create an entirely custom design for Supreme Simplified.

  • Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. We used Bootstraps responsive grid system primarily for page design.

  • CSS is a design language that is used to control the look and the feel of a website. This includes things like colors, spacing between paragraphs, website buttons, the position of images, and much more.

We used Bootstrap and created a custom stylesheet to bring together a simple and modern design for Supreme Simplified. In order to keep that philosophy, we opted to create a design similer to a one-page, forgoing a traditional menu bar and focusing content onto a single page. Instead, we chose to design an influential call-to-action hoping to draw customers to explore the site.

Another section of the website we focused on was the features section. We felt it was important to highlight the features of the product they are selling. To do this, we opted for a larger font size making it easier to read. To accompany the larger font, we selected icons that were relevant to each feature in order to make them more engaging and easier to understand.

In addition to this, we worked with Supreme Simplified to develop their branding; this involved creating a unique logo and all of the website's content.

Backend Design

The back-end is designed using a combination of Sessions and REST.

  • Sessions are authenticated tokens used to access information particular to the user who holds them.

  • REST is a design style for HTTP APIs (Application Programming Interface) that focuses on a stateless approach to client-server requests.

The RESTful part of the server allows for the checkout tool to interact directly with required information such as update components and account authentication. This allows for a universal account to verify the ownership of the checkout tool, preventing unauthorized use.

Sessions are used to manage a users website access. Once authenticated by username and password, a session is created unique to their user. This allows user-specific content to be delivered. For instance, if they are a subscribed user, they will see the account page with their subscription details and relative info. If they are not subscribed, they will see a Sold Out page.

Payment Processing

Supreme Simplified needed a simple way to manage monthly subscriptions. Originally, Paypal was chosen as the payment platform since it is a trusted name. Unfortunately, their API docs and implementations are mediocre compared to Stripe.

  • Stripe is a simple payment processor that allows credit/debit and bitcoin transactions.

Stripe was not only easier to setup, but had faster payment processing and more customization than Paypal. This allowed us to create a customized checkout page. Additionally, Stripe has better support for subscriptions than Paypal, and provides a simple to use library for many languages.

Account Registration

Account registration was designed to be as simple as possible, with minimal information being requested, but ensuring accounts are authentic. This is done mainly in two ways:

  • Google ReCaptcha

    • Using ReCaptcha is always an easy choice as for most users, they will never have to interact with it, but it will ensure that the system cannot be spammed with accounts. Invisible ReCaptcha was used to keep the webpage clean, while still protecting against spam.
  • Email Verification

    • Once an account has been created, an email is sent to the registered email address with a link containing a unique verification token. This verifys that the email entered is in fact belonging to the user creating the account. If an account is not verified, it cannot do anything on the website.

Working Relationship

Upon completion of Supreme Simplified's website, we continue to work with them through services such as our Business Planning service, as well as Brand Management service. We also will also be helping them manage social media accounts and their website as they go through the rest of the build, testing and release process. Being able to continue to assist Supreme Simplified as their business develops has been a top priority.